Thread Rack: The Non-tutorial Tutorial

Remember this from last week? Well I got out the hammer and glue gun and voila!
A thread rack

The basics:

  • thumb tacks (plain/flat if covering with buttons)
  • buttons (or anything you can think of!)
  • elastic thread (jewelry elastic, not shirring elastic)
  • bamboo cutlery holder
  • hot glue
Pretty much no explanation necessary on the how-to, but if you're going to try this, the one thing I would have done differently is to put the thumbtacks in only 1/3 rd of the way up on each row. The elastic doesn't need to be in the middle of each row. It would be easier to get thread spools in and out if it was lower. I'm also going to add a picture hanger to the back so I can hang it on the wall. This is nice and low profile unlike a lot of commercially bought thread racks. I originally thought I would need two of these, but it holds over 75 spools (more if all are the skinny spools) which is way more than I thought it would. I almost used some decorative thumbtacks that I had with black elastic, but decided the buttons were cute for a sewing theme. You could glue pretty much any cute little do-dad to the thumbtack. Fabric covered buttons would be nice also. I got my bamboo cutlery holder at Target, but they have them at Bed, Bath and Beyond also (good if you've got one of their coupons). I'd love to see your interpretations of this little project, so if you make one link to me!


Millie said...

Great idea...thanks for sharing it.

jakeychucky said...

Very Cute and such a good idea! I thought it was alot bigger until I looked at the original picture and saw the spools:) Oh well, I'm just spacy and pregnant. Very good idea though;)

Di said...

This is a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing.

MichelleB said...

I think that you're a genius! This is a wonderful idea!

Mamasha said...

Very nice!

Sewing Princess said...

Beautiful idea! I have a brand new wooden cutlery box that was waiting for a nice recycling. Great blog!

Liana2 said...

Thanks for sharing the idea! Love it! Can't wait to give it a try.

I just have to share, your daughter and mine have almost the same name. The spelling changes, but pretty they're very close. I'm glad to know there is another beautiful little girl out there with the same name :) It's not common, I've yet to meat another Lucian/nn/a.
I'm done with my sharing LOL!

Liana2 said...

They even share a similar middle name :)

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