Preschool Day One... and many awkward moments

Wow! The day FINALLY arrived. I really, really love my kids but I needed some space. I finally got a few hours of me time. Vinny only goes two days a week but it's a start.

So here's the first awkward segue of the day. A lot of people are commenting on the Jon Bon Jovi hair that the little rascal is sporting.

Yes. There is definitely a resemblance, But I am glad that when Chef cut Vinny's hair we didn't end up with this result.

Awkward segue number two...

We are so fortunate to live in a rural setting but within close range to big city lifestyle. 

 {just down the road from the preschool. Complete with "no hunting/trespassing" signs}

I love our local preschool for so many reasons but the first is that it focuses on play based learning. On day one they had a huge water table set up, a finger painting station that looked like a paint factory exploded and a play-doh table piled so high the kids couldn't see to the other side. Most of the days are spent outdoors which is pretty awesome. There is no limit on water play (I guess they know my Vinny), if your child gets soaked that's what spare clothes are for. Actually we have two extra sets in his cubby.

So what did I do with my first day of freedom in 3 years? I contemplated going home for a nap. Seriously. What I did was almost as good... I went and got my nails done! Yay me. The last manicure/pedicure I had done was about 3 days before Vinny was born (I like clean toes for the whole birthing process). 

{Photo via Instagram}

Did you just catch segue number three? Awkward I know. I joined Instagram about 2 years ago and set my photos to private. I liked to use it as a photo filter app and my sister was my only allowed viewer. Well recently I've been looking at the great photos all you guys put out there and decided to go public! Yay me again. All in one blog post. Pats self on back with happy new nails. 

So if you are on Instagram and wish to see pictures of the Romeos in day-to-day life, my user name is sascharomeo. Wow, simple. Just like my actual name. 

p.s. Before I went public I deleted a few photos of the kids that would be inapropriate for general audience *read: in the bath full monty*. If I missed any and you notice please let me know so I can get them out of the public eye. Thnx.


ari said...

I love your blog posts ^_^ They always make me happy!

Carolyn said...

Holy crap! Jon (I mean, Vinny) looks like a real kid...all grown up and everything! How did that happen?

Mrs. LIAYF said...

Where did you find the super cute backpack? We are having trouble finding a correctly sized one for our not-so-big son. :)

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