Box Pleat Cuff

Box Pleat Cuff Tutorial

Click here to view Cuff Pattern and Tutorial. You can use either the "leg cuff" or "Fold Over Leg Cuff" pattern for this tutorial. Complete two cuffs (do not attach to pant leg yet). Use either same knit fabric as garment or contrast fabric before starting the next part of the tutorial. You can use interlock, jersey or rib knit.

1. If using a wide leg pattern like the Easy Fit Pant you will need to taper leg a little bit along seam line. The Easy Fit Pant does not have a side seam so you will need to mark with a pin or chalk where the side seam would normally be. If using a pattern with a side seam you do not need to make a mark. You will just use the seam as a guide.

2. Make box pleat by folding fabric in towards mark. I made each tuck fold in about 1". You will want the leg opening to be slightly larger than the cuff you made.

3. Baste stitch box pleat in place.

4. With pant leg wrong side out insert cuff into leg opening matching raw edges and lining up inseam with cuff seam.

5. Serge or zig zag cuff into place.

6.Turn leg right side out. You can stitch decorative button to box pleat like the top photo.
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