Knit Cuff Pattern & Tutorial

Click here to print pattern pieces for making a knit cuff.

Cut two cuff pieces from pattern. Sewing instructions are the same for arm and leg cuffs. Cuffs made from interlock have less stretch than cuffs made from jersey or rib knit so cut cuff pattern piece one size larger than garment pattern you are working with. (ex: if making a shirt size 2, cut the cuff pattern in size 3).

1. Right sides together, fold cuff in half. Stitch along curved side of cuff. The photo shows the cuff stitched with a serger, but preferably you will use a knit needle on your straight stitch machine set to a longer stitch (2.8-3.0). This seam will not show on the finished cuff and serger seam can be a bit bulky once encased.

2. With wrong sides together fold cuff in half.

3. Turn sleeve or leg of garment inside out. Insert cuff into opening lining up raw edges and lining up sleeve/leg seam with the seam of the cuff. The cuff will be smaller than the opening. Evenly pin cuff to sleeve/leg opening.

4.Serge or zig zag cuff to sleeve/leg opening. This can be tricky the first time you try this. You will want to evenly stretch the cuff to fit the opening and at the same time try not to stretch the sleeve/leg opening fabric.

5.Finished cuff shown inside out.

6. Finished cuff shown right side out.

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