Blogger I despise you today, but thank you for making me figure out a way to work around your bad behavior. I've been playing around with HTML in preparation for a day like this. You thought you had me. Ha!

Hello there people! I've been in a sewing funk lately. I'm pretty sure the fantastic vintage style dress that I want to make will not be made in time for the pahty that I will be attending in a few weeks. I'm going to go to Anthro tomorrow to get motivated. I'm hoping I walk away empty handed and inspired.

So here is some more sewing with knits. I almost didn't even post this picture because it looks like 90% of what I sew and it's getting a little boring.

Where I live we get a late Summer. September and October are the hottest months so I needed to make some lightweight pj's for the little one. The cars fabric I used a long time ago and I had enough left to make a top .I wish I had bought more of the orange stripe fabric when it was available because I have a crush. You can see some of it here, in a not-so-good application.

The top pattern is Happy Animals by Ottobre and the pant pattern is just unfortunate. The fit is not really great and I have to tweak it so much at this point I'm ready to draft my own monkey pants so I will refrain from using the pattern name. I know many of you have used it and love it, but it just doesn't fit my little guy that great. If you want to buy ready made monkey pants I found a store with the cutest designs.


Carolyn said...

I feel like I've been in a major sewing funk too so I feel your pain.
On the bright side you kicked bloggers ass...and you made adorable pjs. Hurrah!

Anonymous said...

Your monkey pants are so cute! My little guy has a pair of store-bought ones I want to try to backwards engineer, too...if you make a pattern/tutorial I'd love it!

Unknown said...

I love the colors and the star makes it for me! Too bad the pattern isn't cooperating, I'm pretty sure Cenzo always looks cute in what you make, cuz he rules at being cute and you rule at sewing!

Kimberly said...

Super, super adorable. The star is brilliant and I am astonished at your mad sewing skillz. And keep posting the knit outfits! It's very "you," and that's why we come back - you've got great color and pattern sense.

Hashi said...

I love that car fabric! I picked up some in San Francisco a few years ago, and finally used some on a onesie for my grandson: http://tinyurl.com/42tk8g4
I still have plenty left!

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