Weekend Sewing: Pass, Fail, Fail, and epic fail to you Senor Blogger. Oh, and a cute pair of pants.

I actually got a lot of sewing accomplished this weekend, unfortunately I made a ton of those little mistakes that when added up are irritating.

Here is an example of a pair of jammies that went surprisingly well.

Oh yes, Blogger has decided to randomly choose a photo to flip. Thank you Blogger. I choose not to fight with you tonight.

On to my personal favorite exhibit 3 (C?)

Note to self. Not all knit fabric will make an appropriate neckband. Chef is fondly naming this one the mini mock turtleneck.

Here are the deets...

Knit school bus fabric and VW bugs fabric from Etsy sellers. I think I saw some of the VW fabric from another seller recently. I used this same fabric here quite a while back. Boy has Vinny grown.

The guitar fabric and orange and white stripe is from Fabric Fairy
Orange jersey from FFC
Brown French Terry from Fabric.com

Raglan tee is from the still mysterious issue of Ottobre (by mysterious I mean I'm too lazy to go look it up but not too lazy to look up the link that refers to the last raglan tee I made).
Pajama bottoms are Monkey Spats (still need to tweak this pattern a bit).
Brown pants are self drafted from a pair of existing pants which no longer fit so I enlarged them, a bit too much. Better too big than too small though.


Emily said...

His eyes kill me. Also, your fails are better than most of my successes, so there.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm with Emily. Don't beat yourself up, these all still look amazingly adorable!

Carolyn said...

He is so freaking cute - mini mock turtleneck and all!

They call me aggie said...

So glad I am not the only one. I mostly sew with knits and boy, it can be trying!
I have a whole basket full of "did not work out and needs to be fixed...someday" projects.
Nothing more aggravating than spending hours on a project that is a fail.
I use that raglan shirt patter A LOT and I love how easy and fast it is to sew.
Cute stuff!

small + friendly said...

I really love the way he is working the mini mock turtle neck - too cute!

Stimey said...

Look at your most adorable little model though!

carla macklin said...

That outfit is so dang cute! You are inspiring me to get over my fear of knits.

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