My computer got sick and is in the hospital...

I thought my computer just didn't like Blogger because I couldn't add any pictures to my post (hence the silence for a few days). Now it looks to be more serious... a virus. So here I am typing on an unfamiliar computer without any of the photos I'd like to add and grumbling around the house because I HAVE ONLY 6 DAYS until this baby appears and I want my computer back. At this point we only hope it's a virus and not something worse. Is there worse?
Anyway, as I mentioned before, this baby is coming in about 6 days. We are scheduled for an induction next Tuesday so I imagine sometime around Tuesday night or Wednesday we will have a new baby. Yes, I'm very nervous. I feel totally unprepared. I still have to clean this pigsty we call our home. Oh, the list goes on.
Hopefully soon I can announce the arrival of healthy new baby as well as the homecoming of healthy laptop.

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