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First of all, I think it's pretty funny that toys I played with as a child are fast approaching "Classic Toys" status. I love that some of the toys I had as a child are still available today. Lite Brite, Easy Bake Oven, and Shrinky Dinks. My all time favorite toy memories are of Fisher Price Little People.
When Rocco was younger I bought a whole bunch of Little People on Ebay. I wasn't sure if he would have any interest in playing with them, but to my surprise he really likes these oldies but goodies. We also have the newer Little People which I don't prefer at all. Around here we refer to the originals as "little Little People" because they are smaller than the new version.
Because most of these are not in "collectors" condition they were no more money than what new Fisher Price Little People sets cost today. The school bus was one of Rocco's favorites when he first started riding a bus to school. The houseboat is great because it is one of the few boat toys (we have quite a few) that actually floats in the bathtub. The carousel is my favorite and I bought it because I never had one as a child. It still works and plays a charming little tune. 

It's amazing that these toys are over 30 years old and nothing is broken on them. They actually show very little wear and tear and my kids can be rough on toys!
Something funny I noticed when I took these photos. I always thought we had a bald Mr. Hooper and a Mr. Hooper with hair. Turns out he's a she! It's Mrs. Hooper. Do you remember her? I didn't. Sorry Mrs. H.


Tonya said...

I have been thoroughly enjoying your blog, I found you from the Made by Rae spring top competition.I think i am a bit older than you, but my favorite toys as a child were Little People! So far, i have collected the hospital, the fire station and the driving camper. my children love them as much as i did! I really wish I still had my Sesame Street, they go for so much on ebay! My mom got rid of all mine in a garage sale : ( Anyway, love your blog!

DieselMonkey said...

Oh my! the memories with little people. I must find some for my little one. I'm with you...I don't like the new little people. I'll have to start searching eBay....

Anonymous said...

That is NOT Mrs. Hooper! No such character ever existed! It is the shop keeper in the Main Street set! And yes, it is a HE!

Sascha said...

Dear anonymous,

I wonder why anonymous. It makes your comment seem a little pissy. I'm sure that was not your intention. I get it... Mr. Hooper had hair but then went bald having to interact with annoying puppets all day long. Especially that damn bird with the invisible friend. Give.It.Up! There is no Snuffleupagus creature. I'd have pulled my hair out also. Here's to you Mr. Hooper, may you rest in peace.... And quiet from the irritating sound of whining puppets ALL DAY LONG.

Thank you kind citizen for pointing out yet another useless fact that I will now have to live with. Poor Mr. Hooper died a lonely man. An undying love for deaf Linda the librarian that was challenged by Bob, her interpreter. Bob won. My days are quite full with poop diapers as it is. Now I need to feel like shit for poor old Mr. Hooper and his loveless life.

Your Truly,

a.k.a Doesn't know shit about Sesame Street. Or care. Sigh.

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