Another Generation Learns to Sew

Lately I feel like I need to play catch up on sewing. I've mentioned this before, but did you know I took about a 10 year break from sewing? The only sewing I did was the little basics like hemming pants or stitching up torn seams. I did occasionally do home dec sewing. Pillows, curtains, duvet covers. Things like that. But for some reason I didn't sew for either of the first two kids. Now that I'm back at it I am frustrated with how little time I have to complete projects. Things that used to take me only an hour to complete now takes days, sometimes weeks. I have so many patterns that I want to still try out on Luca but she is already six years old and soon she will be too embarrassed to wear anything I make for her and let's face it, sewing for boys is just not as fun. 

I guess I should just get into sewing for myself. That's harder because I basically only wear jeans and white t-shirts and even if I didn't, have you seen the fabric selection out there lately? And if you do find something you like it's $22.00 per yard and you need 2 yards for your project.

Back to my original reason for this post which was not to complain. It's to say that I am so thankful my mom taught me to sew when I was six years old and I almost squealed with delight when she bought Luca a sewing machine for her 6th birthday. Coolio.

The only problem is that I barely have time in a day to do the things that need getting done around here. I wish I could sit down and give her a few more lessons (she turned 6 in January and I haven't put in too much effort).

She's got big plans that Luca. She's sure that she'll be making a new wardrobe in no time. So far all she's gotten completed is a square (sort of) beanbag. At least she finished it. Let's just hope she doesn't take after me in the project completion gene.


Anonymous said...

My daughter, who is 6 as well, saw this picture and said, "Kids can't sew!" She's been bugging me ever since for a machine for her so she can make her clothes. hehe.

I'd love to know more about the machine?

Sascha said...

My mom asked a few friends about inexpensive machines that will last at least until she's a teenager and enough people recommended Kenmore by Sears. She had heard that their lowest priced machine was way more reliable than the cheaper machines typically sold at Walmart and the like. I'm not sure if you have K-Mart where you live but they are owned by Sears and they have a different selection than the machines at Sears (also Kenmore brand). The machine she has is not electronic (less to break down). No bells and whistles. I hope this machine will inspire her to a lifetime of sewing projects!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Heh, I've been using one of those cheap ones from Walmart for 18 years! Maybe I'll give her mine and upgrade mine!

K.D. Mullen said...

Ha Ha! Your post made me laugh, because I've been thinking the same exact thoughts lately! I've been looking to start more sewing for myself, but have been put off by the fabric selection!! Get a clue, JoAnn's.
My kids are getting older and my two middle boys would be embarrased if I sew for them. My 13 year old girl has no interest in clothes or sewing, but loves that I can make her unusual custom items like a cool ipod holder, or a Totoro stuffed animal. Yesterday I finished a shirt with gnomes on it, which she loved! So there are some cool projects out there for tween girls, just not too much for older boys.
--Very cool blog, btw!

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