Kids Clothes Week: Day Four

I'm making good use of sewing time by cutting a project out the night before I plan on sewing and the next day taking off from there to complete it during nap time. Of course this only works with quick children's clothing basics. I made another pair of Easy Fit Pants. This time I went a little wild with the fabric combination but I love how it turned out. The orange fabric is a fine wale corduroy that I bought last Spring at Harts fabric.

I also have a limited edition Beco Butterfly II baby carrier with this print. I love this Echino Scooters fabric (my pants photo color is more accurate).  You can see a pic of me wearing the carrier here. I can't wait for Vinny to rock the blue scooters!


Beth said...

ah, so cute!

Three Dancing Magpies said...

OMG, I am sure Vinny will rock them, because you have rocked the making part! Great colors, LOVE THESE. So happy to have found your blog!

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