Some of you wondered what I did to change the Baby in the Hood Jacket pattern and what size I made it in. Well, I have to say since you asked I realized it was pretty silly of me to make no less than three jackets before even trying them on for size. Very strange I agree. Technically I did try the girly jacket on the baby, but I didn't remember anything about the fit. So this afternoon as we were headed out to the market into the thick fog bank that graces our area in July I decided it was a perfect time to try the jacket on for size (and quickly shoot a few pics). 

So clearly the baby has a gut, but what baby doesn't? He is my smallest baby so far. Smallest at birth and smallest throughout the first year. Having said that my kids were 9 lbs 3 oz., 9 lbs. 8 oz., and little peanut was just 8 pounds on the dot! So, small for me is not small for everyone. I weighed 8 1/2 lbs. at birth and the Chef weighed a whopping 10 pounds so we figured bigger babies were in our future. I said all that because I made this jacket in the largest size available in the book (18-24 mo's) thinking he will grow into it. Clearly by the photos you can see I am glad we live in a layer year 'round kinda climate because he fits into it right now at just under age one. He is no giant like my other two beasts. I think he falls around 60th percentile for weight and maaaybe 65th for height. Soooo close to average. Actually I have no idea and I will find out in a few weeks during his one year exam.

I didn't really change much in the jacket. I did lengthen the jacket 1 inch (remember to lengthen the button placket-thingy too). Since the lining and outer are the same pattern pieces there isn't a lot of fuss to do this. I also made the lining a hair smaller. Really just when cutting I went inside the lines. I also used 3/8th inch seams instead in 1/2". This probably made the overall fit a little larger. The instructions do not call for an ease stitch at the sleeve head, but the sleeve needs to be eased into the armhole and I had to do this to avoid puckering. Maybe better sewists can ease it by hand? One last thing, I made the button placket-thingy a little wider for more room when pressing under and topstitching. You'll get it once you've made one. It just left me more room for error. That sounds like a lot, but really if you just follow everything as the pattern calls for you will get a cute jacket. I just think the sizing is a bit small, but I'm the mom of some beasts. 

Speaking of beasts... A cute tidbit about Rocco.
Since I am married to The Chef he likes to have father daughter time in the kitchen (duh). They usually make non baking food, but occasionally she gets him to do some baking. They went online and found a brownie recipe to make this weekend. It turned out pretty good for a six year old and a chef (read: Chef = Not a baker. Big difference).

The reason for the picture of Rocco scarfing brownies? Other than how cute? At just shy of his 8th birthday this is his first brownie. EVER! I am not one of those moms. At all. Really. He's just one of those kids. Big and we don't know why. He eats pretty good for a kid. Of course he doesn't dream about green beans and kale, but he's not horrific. Believe me there is plenty of shit that he eats. One thing we love is that he does not eat candy. Will not try cake (um, yes cake is just like a brownie, but who's telling?). Ice cream? Cupcakes? Doughnuts? He would rather die. Birthdays are awkward especially his own. For that we pack Scooby Doo cookies (if those ever stop being made I'm in deep doo doo). We are not past bribery in this household and most of the new foods (ahem, healthy choices) he tries involves cash. He does not earn dollars for trying junk. I am pleased to say the wind was blowing just right Sunday night because he volunteered to try that darn brownie.He loved it. 

So there is the post that I thought would be a short update. So much for that.


Kimberly said...

So darling yet again! Felix was 8 lbs. right on the dot as well! But he's grown into a 98% percentile (for height) beast. The brownie story and picks are break-your-heart cute. I would kill to have Rocco's non-sweet tooth.

Millie said...

Thanks for the info on the jacket..I still have not tried it, although I have the book.
I agree with Kimberly...I would love to have a non sweet tooth, like Rocco. Great photos of him.
My kids were 9lb 6oz, 10lb 4oz and twins 4 weeks early..6lb 8oz and 6lb 10oz..

Mom of three said...

!!! Kimberly 8 pounds is nothing to sneeze at for sure, but Millie, that is AMAZING. Can you imagine if those twins were born on due date? Huge!

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com said...

Oh goodness, I can't believe how small the jacket is compared to the size!

And the fact that your oldest won't try all those sweets just cracks me up! I always hear about people like that but I'm definitely not one of them! =)

Millie said...

My husband tells people that I was tired of having big babies, so I opted for two smaller ones last time!

Rachel said...

Um, my son loves kale. He won't eat mashed potatoes without it. He is excited to try pesto with kale. He just doesn't want anything to do with ANY fruit. Or most vegetables. Kids are weird.

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