OMG! Please, please, please let school begin. This is TORTURE! I am being quite dramatic yes, but really, does school have to start so late? The natives are turning against me. 

Where the fruit have I been you ask? Well... our internet has been down for like a bazillion years. A week actually, but holy mother of god I miss my internet. It turns out that the neighbor (as in pretty far up the hill) planted some eucalyptus trees a few years ago. I know, I know. Who in their right mind actually plants those trees? Our crazy neighbors who were so obsessed with blocking the house that was being built in front of them that they didn't care that they were also going to block their own view of a very beautiful valley. So those trees grew like no tomorrow and now they block the wireless transmission for my beloved WiFi. It's like one day I had internet and the next day not so much. Did the grove of trees grow that final inch to block my antenna signal? Guess so. 

On Tuesday the "guy" will be back to install a larger (read: uglier) antenna, higher (read: even uglier) on our roof. Do I care? Um, no. Get me my crack internet. In the meantime I am stealing borrowing from my neighbor. Tsk tsk, Rose you should have put a password on your WiFi. I bet she is wondering why her connection is so slow.

Sewing? In my dreams. I thought I may get to make a back to school outfit or two. Now I'm just glad school starts in two days. They can go naked for all I care.


oversewn said...

Ah, I feel you. No wifi on the road trip. I hate using my Iphone. I, too, have felt like a limb was missing without my blog-y relief. I can't wait to get home to my machines and fabric.......if only the little one went to school, life would be dreamy. I need a vacation from my kids after this road trip! :)

Jennifer said...

Living in a country that is full of gum trees, I dont know why anyone in their right mind would want to plant one. The only thing you can hope for is a really hot day, where the eucalyptus oil heats up in them and the tree will explode. Sounds funny, but very effective and very true.

Good luck for surviving your last two days.

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