Yawn... that about sums up my sewing theses days

I tried making a bathing suit for Luca last night. The sewing part wasn't as bad as I had anticipated, but the fit was awful!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to the drawing board. At least our Summer around here comes late and we usually get more beach weather in September and October than other months so I'm not so late in the game with making her a new suit.

I couldn't go to bed with that on my mind so I quickly made a pair of fall p.j's for the baby. 
Nothing new here, it's just my go to items for when I want something to make pretty quickly with little thought.


Kimberly said...

What!?! This has to be the cutest pj set ever! I cannot explain to you my intense love for all things nautical. This is perhaps my favorite of our creations. Do you mind sharing the fabrics? Not that I'll be sewing knits anytime soon...but it's fun to think ahead.

Anonymous said...

I too love this set where did u get the pattern? thanks for sharing

Sascha said...

Kimberly, I know I already answered your question by email, but realized others may want to know also! The stripe is from Hawthorne threads and the boat fabric is from the fabric Fairy. Both online. Natasha, the patterns I used are from an Ottobre magazine. I'll have to look up the issue date, but the pants have a funny name... I think it's "Nunnu". The lap tee can be traced from any old onesie that you have that fits. Go to MADE for a great tutorial called her 90 Minute shirt.

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