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 I don't sew Halloween costumes. My kids always wear store bought. I know, the horror! Apparently the cat is out of the bag that I know how to sew. The one person in the world that I would not turn down asked me to make her a Yoda robe for her son. It's for Rocco's school aide. Well not for her to wear, for her son. Sorry for the bad grammar. I need to go back to school!

She is such an important part of our life I could never turn her down. I know it was the hardest thing for her to even ask me to do it. I hate sewing under pressure. I want this thing to turn out perfect. The rough linen fabric I have on hand is the perfect weight for the robe. The color is a little light so I'll probably tea dye it. 

The strangest thing about this robe is the pattern I used to make it. I used Lil Blue Boo's Recycled T-Shirt Hoodie pattern. I just lengthened and flared the sleeves. I also lengthened the body significantly and added a flare. I made the front open with a V neck. I've left all the edges unfinished so she can try it on her son and send it back to me to be hemmed.

I'm not totally happy with it so I may make another one with a more kimono sleeve/shoulder. The one problem is that the shoulder is a little tight because I didn't make it bigger and the pattern is intended for knit. I think he's going to wear layers underneath and there may not be room. Bummer.


felicia said...

I think it looks pretty awesome! Hope it fits :)

oversewn said...

Oh, I hate guilt sewing too! I've decided to say no to everyone who asks me to sew stuff for them, but I too have those that you simply cannot say no to! Damn! You've done a phenomenal job, I must say. And from the LBB pattern- hysterical! :)

Kimberly said...

Super cute! I hope it fits over all the layers and it's just perfect as is.

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