Christmas Photo Outtakes

So I finally managed to get a photo that I like of each child. None of the above obviously. Since I couldn't get a great shot of all three together (I didn't even bother trying this year), I decided to have them all sit in the same chair. It was kind of a mess but I got it done. 

I had grand plans of making my own cards. The idea is great (and inexpensive), the execution was never going to happen. In case you have a mind to make your own holiday cards this year here is the idea I had. 

* 4 x 6 Photo collage from Snapfish. I love these for a few reasons. You can pick matte or shiny. I like the matte finish. They are cheap in this size, just .09 each (5x7 is .59). There are different color backgrounds. You can add a title to the top or bottom of the print. The layout can be portrait or landscape. The best feature is when you upload your photos there is a shuffle option that makes it easy to change the layout of the photos. 

 This is last years Christmas card collage done in matte photo paper. I can't remember what else I did with this card. Maybe with card stock or vellum?

* 5 x 7 cardstock to "frame" the collage photo. For a pricier but really great look you can order tons of fabulous cardstock envelopes and enclosures from Envelopments. I've used these for birth announcements and Christmas cards. Center the photo and attach with glue dots, double tape or glue stick. 

 This is Vinny's birth announcement using Envelopments enclosure (color is Tobacco). The printed announcement is by Tiny Prints. The collage is from Snapfish.

* Next I was going to either add a vellum or clear transparency sheet "cover". Either of these can be printed with whatever holiday greeting you would like. I would probably use transparency sheets because they braille nicely. I've used them in the past but have not printed on them. There are some brands that can be printed on at home with an ink jet printer but you can always bring it to Kinko's or other copy place to get copied. Kinko's also cuts paper for $1 to $2 per cut (ie:each side that is cut). This is for the entire stack, not for each sheet!

* I wanted to attach the vellum/transparency sheet by stitching it with my sewing machine and using a great contrasting thread. Just set your machine to a long stitch and use a new needle. Sewing paper is such fun!

So I gave you some samples of cards from my past. This year I just ordered a ready made from one of the big box type card websites. I actually can't even remember where! Hopefully they arrive this week so I can get them addressed and mailed. I'll show you the final pictures once I get the card. It's cute but very boring.

Not all of you do a yearly holiday photo card, but I imagine quite a lot of you do. I just love opening the mailbox in the month of December. About 8 years ago I started keeping all the photo cards that our family received along with our family card for that year in a photobox. I love looking back at the previous years cards to see how families are growing and how the kids are changing. It's also great as inspiration for ideas. Do you see that one "card" up there in the pile that's actually an ornament with a photo in it? Maybe next year I'll do something like that. Just a little note: If you send us a card with no photos I proudly display it along with all the other cards for that year, but as soon as the New Year rings in, it's off to the trash bin!


Kimberly said...

The outtakes are hilarious! Your card ideas sound very creative. I always think about making holiday cards but we've never actually got around to doing it.

la inglesita said...

Unrelated to this post but just wanted to thank you for commenting on my bag. Finding your blog has been a wonderful surprise! I´ll be coming back often. I´ve only had time for a quick look but your baby in the hood jacket are lovely. Your choice of fabrics are gorgeous. María.

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