So we are headed to Legoland in a little over a week and I wanted to sew an outfit for the baby to wear to the park.

Can you see something I may have done wrong before really thinking things out? Long sleeved shirt for a day at an amusement park in San Diego. So now I need to make a short sleeved shirt. I have more of the yellow stripe knit fabric but Cenzo really doesn't need two striped shirts almost exactly the same. Hopefully I have something in my stash that will pop like this does. The photo actually doesn't look like they go together well, but in person it's a totally funky combination that just works.

Watch, now I'll make something short sleeved and the day we go to Legoland it'll be some freaky cold spell. Do you think maybe I need to look into average daily temperature for San Diego in early April? Brilliant.

Pants pattern: Quick Change Trousers from Handmade Beginnings 
Shirt pattern: OTTOBRE magazine Muksis Tee 1/2009
Lego Fabric Superbuzzy
Stripe knit fabric Fashionfabricsclub (I think)


Clover said...

Hi I live 15 minutes from the park and it would not be so freaky for it to be cool. In fact it is more odd for it to be hot but you never know.:-) Might need to make a short sleeve too. Love the pants.

Sascha said...

Yay Clover! I love that I don't even need to check the weather... just blog about it and I'll get the real scoop. I'm not sure if you are having a freak heat wave right now, but up in Northern California it's roasting right now. Very unusual. I just hope we don't have fog on our Legoland day. Fog + Sascha = mean mommy.

Emily said...

Must. get. superhero. ribbon. stat.


So hey, I was at Toys 'R Us today looking at legos (shocking, I know) and I noticed they have party favor packs with FREE Legoland admissions in them. I don't know how much Legoland admission is, but the party packs were $12, and had 4 free child admissions in them. Might be worth checking out, since the packs also come with legos and other goodies.


Sascha said...

It's official. I have the best readers around!

Clover said...

Because I know your family loves to go to fabric shops while on vacation I am giving you the address to a very cool and cute local fabric store that you will be near while down here.

523 N. Freeman Street
Oceanside, CA 92054
760-730-5447 760-730-5447 - shop

Carolyn said...

Incredibly cute. How cute? My husband just walked in, looked over my shoulder and said "that's a cool outfit." Yep, that's right, even the men-folk think you rock!

Sascha said...

Carolyn, Lego does that to men. A little known fact. Lego lingerie clearly would be a hit.

Kim @ craftyNHmom said...

Adorable outfit! It looks so comfortable too. Our 3 boys would love to go to Legoland. I hope you post some photos. Have fun!!

Lego Lingerie, too funny!

Kimberly said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! I think you have blogged about this before, but how do you feel the H.B. pants fit over cloth diapers? Did you have to make any modifications?

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