Kids Clothes Week is coming up and I figured I better commit myself by at least documenting one item that really needs to be completed.

Someone's head grew and is in need of a Summer hat, or two. Don't you love how the hat is just kind of sitting on top looking rather silly? After I took this photo today it fell off into the kiddie pool. 

I've traced off the Bucket Hat pattern from Little Things to Sew. Hopefully I can get more accomplished that week than a little hat, but I'm thinking baby steps right now. The only problem is I'm not sure I have fabric I'd like to use for the hat and if I order it online I may not get it in time. Locally the selection tends to suck big time. 

What are you planning on making during Kids Clothes Week? I actually really need to consider sewing some basics. None of the kids have Spring pajamas and the baby is in need of pants of all sorts. There I go, leaving those baby steps behind.

Oh and totally unrelated (I've been doing that a lot lately on my blog and in person, changing subject), why can't Cenzo poop his diaper and put his hand down the back and grab a fistful of poop when I'm not home and Chef is watching him? Just once?


Kimberly said...

My son could use a summer hat also. I think I want to be totally cheesy and make my three kiddos coordinating outfits.
Oh, and my kiddos never pull their crazy stuff with their dad either. Today I dealt w/ popcorn up the nose and cut up clothing. Last night when they were home w/ daddy- nothing!

small + friendly said...

My son's favorite is the poop in the tub stunt, very nice! As for kcwc, I'm trying to at least end up with shorts, pants, and if I'm lucky one shirt - but I'm a total novice so I'm sure you'll kill it with a whole wardrobe. Btw, I feel you on the bummer local fabric selection.

Kimberly said...

Oh I can't wait to see the hat! I have plans to make two t-shirts (my first try sewing knits!), a pair of shorts and a pair of pants. That said, if I even get one complete pattern cut out, I'd be amazed. I started doing that today and nap time quickly ended.

Sascha said...

Isn't it strange how nap time quickly ends the minute anything sewing related starts happening?

Elizabeth said...

A summer hat is a great idea, i may make one for my son. My week will be spent making shorts for my daughter and some summer tops and skirts.

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