Keeping the Little People Inside

So today I hung this rug above the front door. It belonged to my Opa. I've had it for years and actually it found it's way outside at one point with cat vomit and fast forward two years when my dad found it on my back deck crumpled in a ball. He thought it was destined for the trash but decided to take it home and see if he could clean it up I mean it is an antique after all. I know, such respect I have.

He did a great job so to reward him for his effort I hung it on the wall away from future cat vomit (it was previously hung over a chair).

Oh boy,  seeing the lock like that makes it look like some kind of torture device. Well it looks great on my door I assure you.

I decided to post this picture not because of the rug on the wall, but the lock on the door that I know you are just itching to ask about.

It's been there about 8 years now and I'm surprised to see they still sell them. I do not remember spending that kind of money on it so I'm thinking the price has gone up over the years.

Well... at around 2-3 years old my kids all seem to learn how to operate the lock on the front door. My girlfriend had this same issue with her oldest at the same time as Rocco and she installed an ugly-as-shit deadbolt up high like mine (Don't worry, she doesn't read this blog no hurt feelings). She had a locksmith come and install it too.... At the same time I poked around the internet and found this lock that kind of matches a lot of the stuff around here and it's super easy to install and lock. It even makes a great noise that almost has a Medieval sound. It uses small screws so that when removed and filled with wood filler will not leave half the marks/huge holes as my girlfriends deadbolt.

So where is this leading to? Vinny has learned how to sort-of unlock the front door so we've started using it again. I kind of forgot about it since it hasn't been used in so long. 

When I was taking pictures of the front door I totally cropped them to look amazing. I mean who needs to see this monster that sits by my front door? Then I decided it would be funny to show you this dinosaur that used to house itself in our master bedroom. Our t.v. broke about 4 months ago and it has been sitting there ever since. I'm not sure which is more disturbing. That the t.v. is still here or that we haven't yet replaced the t.v.

In case you are wondering, I'm waiting for an e-waste recycling drive that happens near the kids school for the local chapter of Hope Services, at least that's what I'm telling myself every time it gets piled high with junk.


Stefanie Veldman said...

That tv sitting there....looks so familiar! By the way, your Opa, does that mean you've got dutch relatives?

Carolyn said...

Oh I don't judge about stuff laying around the house just waiting to be thrown out. We have a monstrosity of a computer in our den that we haven't used in over 2 years. Our big excuse was that we needed to remove all our data from it before we got rid of it. We finally got around to it this week and lo and behold, the damn thing doesn't even work anymore. I'm hoping that we can get our butt in gear and take it to the recycling place this weekend...or, you know, we could wait another two years. Whatever.

small + friendly said...

The rug looks cool up there, and you'd never know it was once covered in cat vomit! Thanks for the door lock tip, we are getting dangerously close to a breakout over here and I wasn't sure what to do about it. My husband will love it, he has some weird OCD about locking doors so this is right up his alley! Ps, due to our tiny house - our garage is full of stuff that's " waiting for charity"

Sandra said...

I need that lock! Ever since we discovered our youngest can escape, I've been using a detachable one meant for travel (paranoid much? Yes paranoid much!) But yours looks so nice I'd be happy to have it on the door. Love the rug. And at least you know where your TV is headed. I have a pile of outdated tech stuff, destination tbd.

Kimberly said...

Hilarious! Oh this post was so hysterical. That first picture I was like, "dang her house is so gorgeous" and I assure you, I still think it is, but showing the t.v. is just awesome. And this post is super weird because just YESTERDAY my mom pointed out where she installed a high-up lock on her door a wee 28 years ago to keep a certain little girl from escaping.

Anonymous said...

Cute kids

Satya dev said...


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