Turquoise Cars {zoom zoom}

Bribery is still the only way to get this one to wear a jacket. I guess it's a good thing California forgot to have Winter this year. We told him that he needed to wear a jacket to eat frozen yogurt since it's "brrrr, so cold".

It helps that he gets compliments when wearing this rather loud jacket. He likes feeling like the center of the universe.

P.S. I wrote this post over the weekend and today we have crazy wind and rain expected, so California is finally getting into the game.

P.P.S. Thank you everyone for the comments on the Mac/PC thingy. I am so relieved that it's totally do-able to run Windows on a Mac. Hopefully soon I will be with new laptop in hand.

P.P.P.S I looked over the raglan tee that I had traced and I couldn't believe my eyes. All it said was "Ottobre". I never do that! I always write the issue and the pattern number. Well, clearly not always. I looked through my issues and I think it is the 4/2010 #15 but here are some other raglans if you happen to have other issues of Ottobre

6/2009 #34
6/2009 #36
3/2010 #12, #14, #35
1/2006 #17
4/2008 #26
1/2003 #15

I love the fit of Otto's patterns so I'm sure all of these are great.


Luis Hernandez said...

i love this material where do you get it from?like i said in the other comment I would like to use this or the scooter print as my first project.

thanks for posting such great inspiration

Carolyn said...

Ah, bribery....my favorite parenting technique...

Kelli Ward said...

I love that fabric. And I can relate to the bribery technique more than I would like to admit.

Made by Niki said...

I love the jacket its soo cute. I live in So Cal also and when we have our cold days, its very difficult to get my son to wear a jacket. We do have to bribe our kids sometimes. :)

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