Easter Birds

Happy Easter everyone!

We couldn't resist adding to the flock.

We got a new duck and a goose. They were only a few days old when we got them last week and they are growing so fast. The duck we named Lucky Ducky and she (he?) is a Magpie Duck. The goose is named Lucy Goosey and the man at the store didn't know what breed she (he) is.

When they are ready to join all the other ladies outside there will be one goose, two ducks and nine chickens. Until then they are in our living room or as you can see in the photo above we took them for their first swim in our bathtub.


small + friendly said...

Duck, duck (9 chickens) goose! So cute! I wanted to get a couple of ducklings but then chickened (?) out. Hopefully next year. I'd love to hear more about you're flock.

Carolyn said...

Eeek! Those are ridiculously cute!

colours-and-friends said...

they are soooooooo cute

many greetings from Germany

Jennifer said...

They are too cute. We have chickens and when we move to our new place I would love to get some ducks.

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