Birth Announcement

Here's a look at our lovely birth announcement.

I purchased Envelopments pocket folds (5x7SP in tobacco) to use as my envelope to hold the announcement. On the inside pocket I slid a matte collage photo that I created at snapfish. All the photos were actually taken pretty quickly when Vinnie was about a week old. He slept through most of the pictures but I did manage to get one good photo with his eyes open. I also wanted to include brother and sister so I called them into our bedroom to take a few quick pics. I didn't feel like putting any cute clothes on them so I strategically placed my naked kids behind the basket that Vinnie was sleeping in. It was hard to find a place where the lighting was o.k. and the background not too cluttered. I took the pillows and blankets off of our bed and used the white walls as a simple background. The last photos I took where in the basket out in our garden. I just placed the basket in a nice green pile of tall grasses and hoped I got at least one cute shot. I had to work fast because the gnats were out there in full force. They didn't bother the baby, but they sure liked momma. I'm surprised I got a photo with all the twitching and swatting I was doing.
The photos turned out so much nicer than I imagined. I had originally planned on a black and white photo collage but decided that color would look nicer with the color of the announcement that I ordered from Tiny Prints. I love the way these turned out. It was fun to include all three kids in this announcement.

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Max of Max California ★ said...

They turned out awesome! We had a lady that did the rounds at the hospital that took a pic of Vince while he was like a day old. i'll have to find it, it's HILARIOUS he looks like the oldest man in the world.

But yeh for the fee we got an assortment of photos and 8 birth announcements so we just dispersed them between family. I'm thinking a grander scale this time for Eddie!

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