One of Rocco's favorite teachers moved back to Ohio to be closer to her family so I made her a little going away present for her 6 month old son. These bibs are super quick to make and have that homemade look that you don't mind giving as a gift.

Favorite Teacher nicknamed her little one Monkey and I had this cute sock monkey fabric in my stash so I made three bibs. I did a blog search for a pattern so I would have the right size, but you can just trace an already existing bib. I don't have any bibs from my older kids so I didn't know how big the neck opening is. I tried to find the website again but couldn't find the same one. I'm sure they are all pretty similar...it's just a bib.

My topstitching isn't too great on these, but I did play around with a zig-zag stitch which turned out pretty neat. I used a red thread for contrast. When I make these again I'll use a lighter weight liner. On these I used an extra thin waterproof mattress pad that I had. I'll probably use flannel next time. I'll also be making some of these with terry cloth for drool bibs when Vincenzo starts teething.

I also cut out a monkey from the fabric with my pinking shears and sewed it onto a card that I Brailled (my son Rocco is blind). This actually turned out cuter than the bibs.


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Max of Max California ★ said...

We have a trillion bibsand I never really thought I would need to make any. But I'm suddenly seeing all these cute ones!

The brailling {?} is so cool, I'm assuming you guys have some sort of machine that does it? How fascinating!

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