Great Find

A couple of towns over, there is a cute childrens resale boutique. Well, it always was cute. Since my last visit a few years ago there has been a change in ownership and I'm sorry to say has gone downhill. I thought it smelled musty like a damp basement and the selection was not much better than my local Goodwill (no offense poor mister Goodwill).

This resale boutique always carried some really nice items I think mostly because it is in a town that is very affluent so a lot of the items were high end. I could usually find some really well made European clothes and shoes for Luca that had barely any wear, sometimes even with the tags still attached. I'm sure this stinky economy has something to do with the less than inspiring items for sale.

I guess it really doesn't matter what crappy stuff they now have because all I could focus on was the most amazing antique twin bed that they had on consignment. It needs a lot of work but I just love the look. My dad (a retired antique dealer) looked at it and told me it was an East German pine bed from the turn of the century. What I really like is the simplicity of the frame.  The only real drawback is that it is not a U.S. standard twin so I will have to get a custom made mattress.
I wouldn't mind so much if I hadn't recently bought a brand spankin' new mattress for Rocco. Rocco used to sleep on a full sized mattress, but with the arrival of a baby brother there will soon be room sharing so he was demoted to a smaller size bed. Now we have Rocco's old full bed and soon the brand new twin bed stored under the house.

I'm wondering if it is all worth it? Too late to second guess because I am now the proud owner of a bed frame that needs not only a lot of elbow grease but a custom made mattress.

Here it is...

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