Me and the Babe

I can't believe
my newest little one will be four months old this week. He's a dreamy baby. Well, if you ignore the incredible amounts of spit up, that is. At least he sleeps fairly well. Of course I still have my bouts of insomnia which is starting to take it's toll. I've been up since 3:30 this a.m. I was tossing and turning while everyone in the house slept. Actually I lie. I did have company last night. Our new cat Katie was up getting into trouble.

I've been trying to get some WIP's done but tonight when the kids are all asleep I'm sure I will just want to cuddle up in bed and watch t.v. Chef is in Seattle on business this week and that is usually when I get stuff done around here.

I only have four days to complete three projects for the craft fair at the kids school. Yikes! I better get going. Like now.

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