Getting Stuff Done

I'm finally starting to clear through some of my WIP's. Don't get me wrong, I'll always have way more projects started than any human can ever hope to complete. Remember this great bed I found? I posted about it a while back. I would link to that previous post but as a newbie I have no idea how to. The bed needed a lot of elbow grease and as it turns out also needed a custom sized mattress made. That's a whole nutha story. I'm just glad I got through this one. I actually finished it before the baby was born but I finally got around to taking some decent photos. It was also a good excuse to clean up Rocco's room.

The steps I took to bring this bed back to its old glory were as follows...
  • Cleaned with denatured alcohol
  • Sanded
  • Stained with Minwax Golden Pecan
  • Varnished with Minwax Fast drying Polyurethane in satin
  • Steel wool (000)
  • Varnished second coat
  • First coat of Johnson's Paste Wax (I like the smell). Let dry and buff out
  • Second coat of wax. Let dry and buff out.
Of course this all took me about a week to complete. The stain and varnish are the stinky part of the project and the waxing is the hard labor. The picture does the bed no justice. The sheen is so beautiful. The red nightstand is a project I completed a few years back. i found the nightstand at an unfinished pine furniture store. I used the greatest product for painting furniture. It's General Finishes Milk Paint in Brick Red. I love this paint.

The paint comes in beautiful shades and it's really an easy paint to work with. There are a lot of different faux finish techniques you can use with this paint too.

I kid you not, after less than 48 hours Luca sat on the bed dangling her feet over the edge while wearing her tap shoes. Yes... scratches. Lots of them! Hey at least I got a photo. I love this great bed. My dad believes it to be a bed from Germany around 1890's. Since he's a retired antique dealer I kinda trust him on that one.

I still need to find bedding that I looooove. Right now it's just a set from Target with blue,white, brown and orange fishes. Kinda cute.

So I can check one project off the list. Of course that means I'll start five more cause that's the way I roll.

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