Painting the Golden Gate Bridge

My house is a pigsty. It's a never ending task to try and keep it clean. The minute I finish one end, I have to go back and start all over again. Which reminds me of a story someone once told me about the Golden Gate Bridge. I was told the bridge is painted from end to end throughout the year in a never ending loop.  Something about the salty ocean air that made painting the bridge a year round job. Sounds like my house (not the salty part. Or even remotely the size part). Since I don't want to perpetuate a story that I hardly remember who told me let alone the reliability of the source, I employed Mr. Google for the answer. If you are so inclined the facts are here. But to make a long story short, yes, there is constant upkeep to that big damn bridge.

I love me a clean house, but mine is rarely in that category. My husband actually thinks I like living in constant clutter. Does he not remember life before children? Our house was so CLEAN, so NEAT. So I started cleaning up Luca's room...

Doesn't it look so sweet?
Next step is to tackle her brothers room. It's a continuous disaster zone. There just isn't enough storage for the amount of toys he has. I thought about getting rid of some of the toys but since the arrival of a new baby boy into the house it seems silly (and wasteful) to get rid of toys that will seem new to a certain little one in just a few short years. So where to store all the stuff until then? I have my eyes on these storage bins from The Land of Nod

The only problem is that to make them effective I would need to buy four of them which is going to be crazy 'spensive. until then I get to look at this.

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Tonya said...

Boy can i relate! I have 8 children in a 3000 square foot house, i just know that I will not have that nice neat house I love so much for about oh, 18 more years LOL Of course, then I will be wishing for my grandchildren to come and mess it up : D

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