Finally Finished

One of the projects I had going finally got completed. I made 20 bib and burp cloth sets. Pictured here are some of the bibs and the back of the burpees.

The only reason I finished it is because there was a deadline. It was for a fund raiser at the kids school. I also made some other items that I'll upload later. I was literally working on some of the items until an hour before I dropped them off at school! Phew it feels good to finally have something completed.

I used fabric from my stash for most of the bibs. I didn't have a lot of "boy" fabric so I had to buy some. On the reverse side of the burpees I made some with flannel and some with terry cloth. For the bib pattern I traced a bib that I already had and for the burpee I just measured a rectangle that seemed like a good size. I used Velcro for the closure. I bought the kind that is already made into little circled. They were kind of a pain to sew on, but for the entire project I sewed everything assembly line style to make it go faster. I didn't photograph the sewing process because there are probably already a ton of bib tutorials out there.

I hope these cuties help raise a lot of money for our school!

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