Sewing "Room" Moved

Here is my previous sewing space... in the middle of my living room. This did not work well for me the rest of the family. I have now moved my stuff to another area of the house only slightly less in the way of EVERYTHING! The problem is that I have 3 children in a 3 bedroom house. Sure it's normal for siblings to share a bedroom, but unfortunately one of the kids' bedroom is only 8x10. Our 2,300 square foot house has a strange layout with some unusual lost space. I don't have an extra room for a sewing/crafting space...I wish I did. Something with a door would be nice. My new area is actually in a loft space above our living room that has been a mini office/playroom/homework area for the past few years. Now it also serves as my creative space.
The unfinished projects just kept growing and when I say this is in the middle of my living room I mean it. It just looked so messy all the time. At least up in the loft it's kind of out of sight. Now when I have to stop in the middle of a project (which happens about every 45 seconds when my kids are around) I can literally leave in mid-stitch and just switch off the power to the machine. I've done this only to return days later wondering WTH? project is lying limply in the sewing machine. 

On to a slightly different subject. I just realized I never took pictures of my finished camera strap. Now it's attached to my camera so I need to find my little camera (you know, the one that should be somewhere in the bottom of my purse) so I can take a photo. Maybe I'll go do that now.

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