A Little Obsessed

Okay, umm, I have to admit I had no idea I had "a thing" for tassels until I decided to photograph all the tassels in my house. I mean, I know I like them, but whoa I may have a teensy little problem.
As I started to walk around the house and photograph them it became increasingly clear that I may have a few too many
I photographed 17, but technically there are more...
I have two of each of the above, just hanging on different handles and knobs.
I really like my hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil monkeys that are carved out of bone.
This one is my favorite. Not because it's anything special in the way of looks, but because this door handle is too high (up to my shoulders) for toddlers to reach and the latch never really catches so when my kids were too short to reach the handle they could pull the bottom of the tassel and open the door. Now that Rocco and Luca can both reach the handle they still use the tassel out of habit.

And yes, these are all in my house. For real!

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