The Things Kids Say

Last night we had a special guest for dinner. James and I recently re-connected with the man that first introduced us 15 years ago. He was amazed and surprised that not only are we married, but the parents of three children. I think he still pictured us as college kids with little responsibility. It was great to have him over to our home to meet the children.  We wanted the kids to be on their best behavior so the usual rules were discussed before his arrival. No jumping on the couch, don't invite him to come read you books, try not to pick you nose during dinner. You know the usual requests. In addition to the basics we had one more rule. Since our long lost friend is a paraplegic we told the kids not to ask him why he was in a wheelchair. Not that he would mind in any way answering the curiosity of a child, but I know Rocco especially can get out of hand with his questions. Well, they did not ask him that one question. Instead, I shit you not, Rocco asked...

"How long have you been in your wheelchair?"
"How many wheelchairs have you owned?"
"Can you stand up?"
"How do you drive a car?"

and my very favorite...
"Edrik, boys pee standing up. How do you go pee?"

We are so lucky our bachelor friend with little experience with children handled all of the questions in stride, including discussing his toileting habits.

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Sewing Princess said...

Kids are amazing... they are so genuinely innocent when they ask questions.

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