My New Camera Strap

I made this awesome camera strap a few months ago and now I've finally gotten around to posting a picture. I used this great scrap ribbon camera strap tutorial from Ashley of Lil Blue Boo. I have tons of ribbon from back when I fantasized about making cute ribbon barrettes for Luca. Well that never happened. 

The camera strap tutorial was super easy and actually pretty quick to make. I used a ready made bias tape which saved a lot of time. I also decided not to make a strap cover but to just go ahead and make a whole new camera strap. I unpicked the "leather" bottom portions of my old Nikon film camera strap. I should have taken a picture, but it is the part that has the strap attachment. I didn't realize that it was not only stitched but glued with a very sticky glue. I was already determined to do it this way so I muddled through the mess. I actually ended up throwing away my seam ripper after all was said and done. It was super easy to just fit the ribbon camera strap into the openings of the camera strap attachments. I didn't even use a special needle in my sewing machine. The needle I had was old and ready to be changed so I figured I would use it on this and not care if it broke. Well, it didn't. Even the dull needle stitched through the pleather with no problem.

I love the way the project turned out and it is so cute that Luca now wants me to make her a guitar strap for her lavender acoustic guitar! It will be adorable, but loooong!

This project was so easy I think I'm going to try Ashley's fused plastic belt tutorial next. I think it has a cool retro vibe and I'm sure it'll get a lot of comments when I wear it.

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