Pattern Love

Update: I covered my pattern weights finally!

Sewing! Sewing! Sewing! I'm in the mood to sew. Quite a while back I purchased the Village Frock pattern by Sugar City. As usual it sat among my many other patterns ready to be used pile. I've tried to make things a bit easier on myself by at least cutting out the pattern pieces when I buy it so that when I find the time/urge/desire etc... to finally start sewing it will be one step closer to actually happening. Don't remind me of all the Ottobre magazines I have with bookmarks upon bookmarks of patterns to one day trace. By then my kids will be in college and probably not so keen on cute rompers. I'm just guessing. 

So this adorable dress actually made it onto our Christmas cards this year. It turned out so stinkin' cute. The directions were easy to follow and I found it a rather quick sew (not counting the hand sewing, but that's what t.v. is for). 

I use extra large washers that I found at the hardware store as pattern weights. I also have some really big nuts (as in nuts and bolts) that I use. I actually want to cover them one day so they look cute on my sewing table when not in use.

I originally dyed some white linen (above) to a sweet pink for a dress (which is now cut and ready to sew for the past 4 months). The Christmas dress version I made out of a cotton fine wale corduroy in a very pale lavender. I pre-washed the fabric and it is super soft. The proper drape of fabric is key to making this dress turn out well. A stiff fabric will be too bulky and not have that vintage charm.

There is a lot of gathering for the neckline and sleeves so I think I may reduce this a bit when I make the dress again. Who am I kidding? Make this again? I have 1,000 other projects already lined up. Too bad the baby turned out to be a BOY! (I'm kidding ya know. Boys are fun to sew for. Kind of).  

So long story short. Easy peasy sewing instructions. I ran into no problems that I can recall. O.k. maybe the button loops where a little tricky, but they they turned out fine. Now that I'm actually writing about the dress I can't wait to make it in this drapey pink linen because I think it'll be even cuter than this one...

OMG! I so love this dress. Go make one. It's easy and oh so unique.

P.s. Here's that adorable (if I may say so) Christmas card that included the pretty little dress I made for Luca. Rocco and the baby are outfitted in boring store bought duds. Yawn.


Kestlyn said...

So beautiful! To make your gathering go faster, have you tried gently pulling on your top thread every 2 or 3 stitches (I set my machine to a long number 5 stitch length as I gather). I bet you could whip one out that way :) Beautiful, just beautiful.

Sascha said...

Thank you! Not sure if you have made this dress yet, but it was fun to sew. In case you are wondering I still haven't made the cute pink dress yet. Since it's Celebrate the boy month over at MADE I've been making more "boy" things.

Sandra said...

I LOVE this dress. I don't even have a girl & I'm thinking about sewing one. BTW, just happened upon your blog & think it is just delightful. I find myself relating to so much (3 kids, not finishing projects, getting back into sewing...). Thanks for writing it all down & sharing :).

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