This girl is not to be held accountable

You know how some people have a nice little column on their bloggity blog with projects they would like to complete this year? And when they complete one of those nice little projects they get to put a strikethrough on that lovely little task? Um, no thank you. That is way too much accountability for this gal. I mean, sure, I'll complete some projects this year (as I've nicely documented in previous posts), but I cannot be responsible for that list burning a hole into the back of my head for the duration of 2010. So instead I have this handy dandy little idea book that I jot down ideas, sketches and most of all... I love to have hard copy of all the ideas that you crafty bloggers come up with. Nothing beats a beautiful photo to kick the procrastination right out of my butt.
Something I have in mind is to make a cute lap tee with a dino-monster like the one I recently saw in Mini Boden (some of the cutest boy clothes around). 

So what am I still doing sitting here at the computer? Get on to sewing! Charge! Full steam ahead!

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