2+2 Blouse

Oliver + S Patterns
2 + 2 Blouse
I loved working with this pattern. The instructions are easy to follow and the fit is perfect I wish I had discovered the pattern when Luca was younger. I imagine it would look so cute on a toddler. I have quite a few of patterns from their line but this is the first I've sewn. I bought them a while back and true to form I finally made one. Remember class, I am numero uno in procrastination. 
Oh and don't you just love Heather Ross fabrics? Her Mendocino line is TO DIE FOR! Don't tell my husband, but I have like a piece of everything in this line. Love. Love. Love. Maybe, just maybe, I'll actually get around to sewing a few more of Oliver + S's lovely designs before Luca totally stops wearing homemade by mommy. When that happens I'll have to do a lot of great giveaways because I know I'll have a lot of patterns that have never been used.

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