Another Contest? Sign Me Up!

Since I actually made it to finals on my very first blog contest entry (please vote for me #6!) I thought I may give another one a whirl. Everyone knows of Disney right? No, not Mickey and Minnie... I mean Disney of Ruffles and Stuff. She has a contest running until April 2nd which involves R U F F L E S !

Alright, I am not really a fan of ruffles per se. I don't dislike them in any way, but I don't usually make ruffles on any of Luca's clothes and for me not so much and the boys definitely don't wear ruffles. Having said that, I really appreciate ruffles. I love how ruffles look on little girls. How cute is a ruffle bottomed diaper cover? I also love the vintage Anthropologie ruffle look that some women can pull off with ease. I guess you could say I'm a little jealous. I try it out and I feel like people look at me thinking "what on Earth is that lady wearing?" instead of the intended comment I would have liked to receive, "Now that's a cool outfit!"

So before continuing on with this conversation I decide a visit to Anthropologie.com is in order. I click on the Blouses tab and holy shit there is a tab called "Pretty". Oh that's just got to have some ruffles. Indeed it is a link to all things ruffley (rufflie? ruffl-ey?) Go take a look. It's like ruffle heaven! I am not saying this in a bad way. I want like all of them. Man those are some pretty tops.
Point in case. This is so beautiful but at $228 I don't think so. Yes, you read that correct...$228!!! 

So back to the challenge at hand. I have some chiffon left over from something or other in a few colors so I'll try to figure out what I can make to enter this darn contest. I don't have enough to make something for Luca (size 6) so it'll probably be a cute something for a cute non-existent-in-this-household little 2 year old. Maybe it'll be my very first ever give away. What do you think? I only have like four readers so your chances would be good to win. Unless those four readers all have boys which I suspect may be true. 

I also have a baby project that NEEDS to be finished and it may involve a few ruffles. So now I may have two entries. Fun! I better start sewing. remember... I am the master procrastinator!

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