I Just Can't Get Enough!

I love making the 90 minute shirt from MADE. I just completed a few more to add to the pile. I think I need to start making them in the next size up so that the baby can wear them all year even after I'm so totally over making them. I now can call it the 30/30 shirt. It gets easier every time. Thirty minutes to cut (ugh, I hate cutting!) and thirty minutes to sew. The top stitch on the neckline is the only area that I'd like to improve. I really like a neatly finished garment and it's a little irritating to sew knit on a home sewing machine.
Don't these just look awesome?

Edited to add: I got the idea for the the Robot shirt from a photo posted on the you MADE it group on Flickr. I left a comment for Stephanie on how I was so going to copy her shirt. I just found her Blog. Go visit for some great inspiration. Love her photography.


dana said...

Ah! These are yours tooo! Loving them. Great colors. Great photos.
Thanks for sharing!
- dana

Anonymous said...

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