Easter Tree

Every year we have an Easter tree. It's fun to make a few decorations each year. This year I made the PEEPS bunting. I imagine after a few more years we will have too many decorations for the little tree we put up. We'll have to get choosy with what gets hung. Our tree is actually made of bare oak branches that I pilfered from a huge oak tree across the street at a cattle ranch. I put the branches in a large vase (urn thingy) which is filled with that green foam-stuff that florists use to keep flowers upright. I used some Spanish moss around the base to cover the green foam. After Easter when the decorations have been packed away I keep the tree on a shelf. It's quite unusual and decorative. The first year this happened by accident because I never bothered to put it away. Now we are all used to it being there year round (minus the ornaments). Maybe this year it will double as a Halloween tree.
 Do any of you have an Easter tree or similar? I'd love to see photos. Leave me links in my comments... or not. There's always the shy one's.

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dana said...

OH my gosh. YOu're KILLING me with all your cool PEEPS stuff! The one on the butt??? LOVE IT! I'll be adding your stuff in the round-up this weekend!
Thanks for sharing!

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