It's beginning to look a lot like Easter

Unlike my tassel obsession I have a just a few eggs and birds nests in my home. It's great during Easter. I also have this great antique birdcage that sits on a chest inside my front door. The chest mostly gets filled with backpacks and junk from the kids, but when it's cleaned off it looks like this. I will also decorate with some Easter junk this week.
I have an ostrich egg, glass egg, porcelain egg and inside the cage a marble egg. The spotted porcelain egg sits in a cool wrought iron nest and all the others sit in actual nests I've found around our property (abandoned of course). It's really neat to look closely at the nests to see what the birds have used to make their nests. There are twigs and leaves of course but it's pretty cool to see the human hair, flowers and fabric!

Have you ever seen an ostrich egg? They are very beautiful. It's all dimpled and so shiny! My sister visited an ostrich farm and brought this for my collection. They had to drill a hole in the bottom to clean it out.

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