Lesson Learned... Again (a St. Patrick's Day Treat)

I can't tell you how many times I see some great baking idea and think to myself "I can do that!" Um, no. Apparently I cannot. I don't know how I can be so creative and patient (he he) with projects outside of the kitchen. It almost defies logic. Almost.  Let me tell you something... this is an easy project with great kid wow factor. I am just not patient in the kitchen and much like my sewing and crafting I need to be able to walk away and continue at a later time, date, century. Here's a good formula for disaster.

baking + getting sidetracked x lack of skill - patience = one big mess!

So let me start from the beginning of this fiasco. Last week in the waiting room of the pediatrician's office I was perusing one of those crafty Home Ec kinda magazines (the kind I rarely look at, but boy there's some fun stuff in those pages). There it was... the greatest idea for St. Patrick's Day! Rainbow cupcakes with chocolate gold coins. How much fun would that be for Luca to bring to school on March 17th?

Photo courtesy Our Best Bites. Go there for the tute and some time saving tips.

Cute isn't it? Just add some chocolate gold coins especially because Luca actually believes leprechauns exist (I know, don't go there).
A test run was definitely in order for a project of this magnitude. Smart? Yes, very good thinking. So I gather all my ingredients and with my little helper (not the little one above, but Luca) we set out to complete what truly is not a big deal for most of you. I mean it's just cupcakes made from a box for crissakes!

Short story long... Luca had fun. I did not. I invite you to try this fun project for a classroom of 20. I will not be bringing joy to Mrs. Monnes' Kindergarten class this jolly green holiday.

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