Ruffle Your Stuff

So now I'm kinda wondering if I can finish one project let alone the two I have planned for the Ruffle Your Stuff contest. I have most of the "stuff" cut out. This is where I tend to rest on my laurels. Where did that saying come from anyway? It's Greek for sure. Anyone? I'm too lazy to Google it right now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.  Next will be sewing. We'll see what the kids have to say about that in the upcoming days.They don't seem to like my sewing space much. I'll show photos soon.
Actually I have a little more done than just the cutting. I did gather my ruffles. Hey, it's a start, this is a ruffle contest ya know.

O.k. I had to look it up... To rest on one's Laurels: to be so satisfied with your own achievements that you make no effort to improve. Etymology: based on the literal meaning of laurels (a ring of leaves worn on the head in ancient times as a symbol of victory).

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