Lovely Package Arrives

Oh don't you just love when the mailmanperson brings you something? I mean other than bills? Today I received a book I ordered last week. 
 I couldn't wait to rip into that package. I was giddy with excitement. The original Pippi Longstocking (written 1945) with new illustration by Lauren Child (creator of Charlie and Lola). You must visit her website to see her creativity in action. Absolute eye candy!
Can I tell you the kind of obsessed I was as a child with Pippi? It bordered unhealthy. I actually hadn't thought of her in ages, but Rocco's first grade teacher is reading to the class from the original book which I think is so cool. One day Rocco blurts out "Mom, did you know Pippi Longstocking sleeps with her feet on the pillow and her head under the covers?" Did I know? Oh child of mine. What do I not know about my beloved Pippi? So as you can see by the photos above, I raced to my computer and had a chat with my close friend Amazon and voila. The most beautiful children's book to enter our house. Evah!
 Really, go visit milk monitor like now.

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