Cutie Patootie 90 minute Tutie

Have you all been over to MADE to see the great 90 minute shirt tutorial? I know, ha ha, who hasn't been over to MADE? I mean hello. That's like what we all do first thing every morning right? Check out what lovliness Dana has posted for the day. So, I finally got my butt in gear to make some for Vinny. OMG so cute and easy. I think after a few of these It'll be called the 30/30 around here. Thirty minutes for cutting (I hate cutting) and thirty minutes for sewing.
What you can't see in the photos is the brown top is a size larger than the blue, probably 18 months, and my iron spit on it leaving mineral deposits. The robot tee (size 12 months) I sewed the shoulder lap backwards. Poop! I used a thrifted men's t-shirt and I have enough to make another. I love the combination of light blue and orange. I used my new favorite crafty technique freezer paper stencil. I know, welcome to craft 101. Where have I been?  The robot image is from a wingding font I have on my computer. Watch out Romeo kids, momma is a stenciling fool!

I used a different sewing sequence for these shirts that I'll have to photograph and post tomorrow. I found it a little easier for the sleeve and cuff than the way described in the tutorial on MADE. I also didn't make these with serged edges showing which I like the look of, so I'm going to have to try that on my next batch. Did you hear that? Batch. You know something is easy and fun to sew if you can refer to future creations in terms of multiples.

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