A Totally Rockin' WorryWoo Give Away (not mine)

I just had to write about this give away!

Sandra from Three Pumpkins Little has a great give away featuring WorryWoos monsters. These stuffed animals are great for both boys and girls and they each portray an emotion. Nola the monster of loneliness is my favorite, but they are all too cute for words. Each monster comes with a hardcover story book. If you are like me and love to give unique gifts to special children in your lives this is the way to go. I love the whole concept of these plushies and books. You would think I'd like it mostly because I have a blind son and we have lots of tricky feelings to deal with on that front, but really it's Luca who is the emotional basket case of the family (sorry honey, it's true). The give away ends next Thursday (3/25) so go over there and leave a comment. You could win the adorable little Squeek who is the shy one of the bunch.


Sandra said...

Thanks for the link love! And I know I'm a bit of a comment stalker on your blog. But I can't help it, I'm so addicted--it's one of my favorites!! p.s. beautiful pictures of the picnic outing!

Sascha said...

I love those Worrywoo plushies! I just wish I had more readers to spread the good news to. I do have a few lurkers out there so maybe they'll stop by and see what all the hub-bub is about.

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