Do you all have fantastic thrift stores in your area? I don't. Well, I guess there are a couple of interesting thrift stores nearby but they know they get good stuff and they price accordingly. Today I went on a mission to find some wool sweaters to make some diaper covers for Vinny. I also wanted to find some jersey t-shirts to cut up and make some stretch pants for the little guy. I finally found some things at one of the three Goodwill stores that I went to. The pickins' were slim. Also one of the stores smelled pretty bad. I'm not really good at thrift store shopping. I think I miss a lot of things that have a lot of potential.

I also went to a cute little "benefit shop" that my dad told me about. Since it is quite near a very wealthy area they get some nice donations. Lots of silver tea service sets and unusual old watches. I found a really cute antique children sized roll top desk with the most unique little chair. I actually like the chair more than the desk, but it's going for $75.00 so I'll have to think on it for a few days. 

I found a few cute striped shirts and a bunch of great sweaters. Two of the sweaters are cashmere so they will make some really sweet pants for the baby. Too bad it's just about boiling around these here these days. Have no fear... our summers are quite foggy and cool along the coast so these pants will be year round.
In the top row I already had the blue sweater and I'd like to make some longies using the orange and blue together. Cute, no? The stripe knit on the left is yardage I bought. It's hard to see in the awful photo but the blue stripe is the same shade as the blue in the yardage fabric. Coolio!

In the meantime I have some washing and then sewing. I think I'll make some pants like these lounging pants as seen on MADE.  

I'll leave you now with a sweet photo from this evening
Both my boys have dimples. Oh joy!


Sandra said...

those are some good thrifting finds! And that photo is the sweetest!

Sascha said...

I made some cute things with the knit fabric already! I'll be posting it in the next few days.

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