Oh Yeah Baby... It's Top Number Three

Last night the Chef was in Portland on business so instead of watching something from the DVR, like we do every night, I had some free time to sew. After the kidlets were asleep I finished top #3 for the Spring Top Week Challenge. This is definitely a first for me. Hello! Three tops for ME?!? Can this be? Rae, is that what you mean by selfish sewing? I may begin to like this concept. Okay so I exaggerate about three tops because we all know that Whackado hardly counts. I rarely finish projects so this is a whole new Sascha. There are really about 10 half finished on my cutting table. For reals yo!

For instance. I may just post this crazy item I sewed up last night to show you how bizarre home crafting can get. I took a beautiful black cashmere sweater (with a teeny moth hole) and made something for the babes. I know, don't remind me it's Spring and cashmere on babies is so last year. I'll just give you a teaser.

Also, I need to photograph the latest top for moi. On me or the dress form? What do ya think? If it be the dummy I'll be able to post it later tonight. If me, who knows when chef will be willing to take a pic in "just the right light babe". He so doesn't get it.


Millie said...

Looking forward to seeing the third top.
Did you notice on Rae's blog that the judges have asked for the tops to be modelled by the maker. So I would say..On you.

Mom of three said...

Well that sneaky Rae did put a little note about not using the dummy's ;)
I took your advice and modelled the top. Since chef wasn't home I had to figure out how to use my tripod and timer. Argh. Turned out well enough so if I can finish two more tops before the 30th I'll be wearing my creations. Thanks for stopping by!

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