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Ten years ago today Chef and I were married in Labro, Italy. We were married in a tenth century church with original frescoes covering the walls. Simply amazing. There really are not enough words to describe our wedding.
See the tower at the tippy top of the photo above? Look below and see us sitting on the lawn at the base of that tower. Holee shehot!
Since we were married before the digital age, all of our photos were taken with a film camera (I know, WTF?). All the wedding photos are in albums (again, I know) so it was a real pain to scan these few. One day I need to scan all of them...one day. Until then, this is a little sample.

Service was all in Italian, hence our expressions. I think I may need to actually learn how to use photoshop 'cause I would love to mess around with some of these photos and some text. Ahhh, the digital age.

O.k. let's get serious here. I know you all give a monkeys butt about the wedding. Let's talk about something sewing related. My mom made the dress and the veil. The dress is made in dupioni silk with the bodice hand beaded by yours truly. I never counted how many buttons go down the back, but my mom was meticulous in the detail. The mantilla style veil is made with silk chiffon and it must have been 8 feet long. I bought the lace that edged the veil in a French lace shop in San Francisco. We hand stitched it to a hair comb. Turned out  a m a z i n g  if I say so myself.
The petticoats are made with acres of netting. Each layer is edged in gorgeous lace. I loved having every detail sewn to perfection, even parts of the dress that were not visible. I wish I had a good photo of the dress with the bustle buttoned up. There are two hidden buttons that allowed the back of the dress to be attached in such a way that you wouldn't even know it had a train. 

Even though I would wear a much different dress today, I still love the simple design of this dress.

So if you ever get the chance to travel to Europe and you are wondering which country to pick. Duh. ITALY!!! 

p.s. My parents are from the Netherlands and all of my family still lives in Holland so Italy was a natural place for me to get married to my Italian-American fiance. It was a short distance for most of my relatives to travel. I mean really.... No offense to the Northern European countries, but we were in it for some sunshine.


KID, MD said...

Stunning!! The dress, the veil, the place. Wow!

elise said...

what a beautiful wedding! The dress is amazing but my favorite part is your veil, so simple but stunning. i can't imagine all the time you put into the beadwork on your dress.... just gorgeous.
congrats on your Anniversary.
(can't get over the location either!)

Jake said...

beautiful! Your dress is gorgeous and makes it all the more special it was made by you and your mom. being able to get married in Italy is a dream- we were able to go to Rome for our Honeymoon but I would have loved to get married there. If you guys are into soccer, I'm sure as hell hoping your rooting for Italy:) We are HUGE soccer fans and can't wait to see Italy win it all again.

Millie said...

Wow...it's all so beautiful...the location, the dress, the veil...belated Happy Anniversary.

Andrea @ TheTrainToCrazy.com said...

Beautiful location! I love the dress. Great detail.

Sandra said...

Are you flippin kidding me? The dress is beyond beautiful and the veil is just perfect. I merely embellished my wedding shoes & made the paper goods & that about put me over the edge as a crafty-bride (10 yrs ago this year for us too!)--in serious awe over here :).

AM said...

awe, sas, these make me so happy to see!

Mom of three said...

AM, wish you had been there. Can you believe I've known Chef for 15 years but I've known you for 31 years!!! Crap we are getting old.

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