sumthin' bout orange

I am drawn to orange lately. I love orange and brown. I love orange and baby blue. I love orange and...orange. It's weird. I buy most of my fabric online because I live in an area that has no fabric stores. Besides Etsy, I really love buying fabric at Fabricworm. I love how they have their fabric swatches in little circles. It makes it look so cute that I cannot help but add way too much fabric to my shopping cart. I bring this all up because I seem to be collecting lots of 1/2 yard pieces of orange themed fabric. I sure hope I can either take up quilting soon or come up with some nifty patchwork projects. I think I usually buy 1/2 yard pieces because then it seems like I'm not spending so much money on fabric. This is not the case. I'm making a concentrated effort to buy more yardage of less fabric because I am not a quilter. I have a few cute patterns that I'd like to make for Luca but they require over 1 1/2 yards. Until then I have pretty piles of fabric.

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jessica said...

I am totally with you on the orange love! I know that mustard yellow and purple have been the big colors recently, but I find myself really drawn to orange with gray ... with brown ... with navy ... with aqua ... with purple ... everything!

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