Summer Vacation?

This Friday we are headed to Vegas. Since we are taking all three kids I'm not sure you'd call it a vacation. Actually, we are going to visit my sister, and according the the older kids you would think we planned a trip to Disneyworld. She's pretty popular among the small folk.

The kids are all in desperate need of hot weather clothes. I've known about the trip for months (12 to be exact), so you would think I might have prepared a bit. Um, NO!

I have piles of fabric set aside to become shorts and t-shirt and skirts and hats. Ha Ha Sascha Romeo. Yesterday Luca asked me if I could pretty please with sugar on top make her a dress for Las Vegas. Since I had planned a virtual new wardrobe for her I felt a little guilty that nothing had been made.

So here is her new halter dress. She adores it and says it feels like a princess dress. I used a Whole Grain Baby pattern named the Halter Dress. I love how it turned out and it's a super quick dress to sew. The instructions are very basic but so is the construction of the dress so it doesn't really matter. The only thing I did different is add the bottom trim. This was for two reasons. One, Luca wanted a long dress and in order to keep the print on center I didn't have enough width to go any longer. Two, I wanted the halter portion to tie in with the body better. I used Anna Maria Horner's Festival in tangerine for the body of the dress and Heather Bailey Mod Bead in tangerine for the halter and trim. The match is awesome. 

Luca loves the dress so much she convinced me to let her wear it today to an emergency pediatrician appointment for the baby. Baby is fine and the dress held up well. 

I have another dress cut. She wants it even longer. If I didn't make it long enough I can add the bottom trim again.

So meanwhile it's only a few days until we leave and the house is a mess (I can't stand going out of town with a messy house), I haven't sewn anything for the boys to wear in 105 degree weather, and I haven't slept in two days because the baby had a temp of 103.1!

So much for dressing the baby in all handmade clothing. I swung by Baby Gap and picked up some cute items (on sale, of course).


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful dress! I love this fabric, but did not buy it as I did not know what it looked like from the tiny picture you see on the internet. I have had many friends buy the halter dress pattern and had trouble getting it - so it is nice to see it finally made.

Jake said...

very very pretty! i just wish I had a little girl to make it for:) i love it! you are really starting to get a lot done (if you post all you finish) even if you don't feel like it

KID, MD said...

So pretty! I can see hwy she loves it. I'm glad that baby is feeling better and hope you get some sleep before you head off.

elise said...

LOVE it!! so cute!
glad the baby is okay- hope you get everything done + some SLEEP!

Jessica said...

Great colors and beautiful dress!

1crown3tiaras said...

So pretty! I bought and paid for this pattern and never received it.. so nice to see it made. Too bad Varenia didn't answer any of my emails I would LOVE to make it!

Andrea @ The Train To Crazy said...

I really love that dress!! Fabulous.

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