Viva Las Vegas!

We are back from our family trip to Las Vegas. I say Las Vegas, but we actually didn't even go to the strip this year. My sister lives in the suburbs and we stayed as far away from the strip as possible. We did all that last year and I did not see a need for a repeat performance. 

The drive only took about 10 hours!!! yikes. The baby had a poop explosion in his brand new Britax car seat (installed the day before we left). I have no need to dwell on that matter much other than he had another poop-losion on the way home. If you knew what act of God it took to install the damn thing you would not be laughing so hard right now. I dread removing the cover to wash it.
 We had glorious weather. Hot. Hot. Hot. 95 degrees in the shade. I love that dry desert heat. It was difficult to keep the kids in enough sunblock. Did you know they make 100 SPF now? It still wasn't good enough. I was on serious sunburn patrol.

We hung out at the Green Valley Ranch pool and had the cute pool girls in teeny bikinis serve us food and drinks all day long. I loved this pool. There is a sandy beach for the kids and they have shovels and pails for the kids. I was worried it would be a bit of a stuffy atmosphere but there were quite a lot of children. I actually felt sorry for the adults because the hot tub was also filled with kids. It's a pretty swanky place, but they have a cool relaxed vibe. Apparently the "adult" pool is pretty wild on the weekends. My sister likes to hang out there... 'nuff said.
My sister is a helicopter pilot and we got to fly to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. AMAZING! It is a truly wondrous place. 

It was a great trip but I am glad to be back home. We weren't gone long but I feel like I have so much catching up to do. To start with... how the hell did we accumulate four loads of laundry on our trip? Oh yeah, don't remind me...poop-losion.


KID, MD said...

Sounds like you (Mostly) had an awesome time!! I completely sympathize about the poop-losion. We had a giant french fry vomit during a trip to Houston. Nothing is more fun than cleaning out a fancy carseat in a hotel shower... Those covers are NOT mommy/poop/vomit friendly!!!

Bettina said...

Oh, that SO reminds me of our trip to Las Vegas, starting point for a three week trip in an RV (we're from Germany).

I had to strip the little one's car seat three times in the first 5 days of the trip. And washing car seat covers in an RV shower is not much fun, either.

What a great experience to get to fly to the bottom of the Grand Canyon - wow! Sounds like you had a good time!

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