Wet n Wild

Call me crazy but I like to shower every, oh let's say, 2-3 days. Apparently I've got it all wrong.  According to my youngest child it's de rigueur these days for adults to live like a royal member of the French Court. Bathing more than once a month is considered excessive. When I decide to break the rules I get to hear about my dereliction in great amplitude. 

Of course as any good member of royalty knows there are double standards by which the Quality live by. While I live in squalor like a medieval bondmaid the baby prefers to live like a Roman. I guess it's his Italian heritage coming through. Point in case: the dog water is an excellent source of rejuvenation and we cannot forget the hidden health qualities of toilet water (mental note to purchase toilet locks this week). 
Actual bath time is a jolly good time resulting in tsunami like waves that will later be cleaned up by the scullery maid me.

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